Farewell, Seattle


Until next time, lovely city

Seattle, WA. July 2014.

She sailed across the sea


Our last night in Seattle was about as dreamy and perfect a farewell to the city as I could imagine.  Our thoughtful hosts were taking another group out on their 50 ft sailboat, and offered us a few spots on the boat.  We jumped at the chance and invited a couple of local friends we’d been trying to meet up with.

We five friends met up first on our boat to enjoy a few drinks on the deck, then grabbed a bottle of wine and a few sweaters, and hopped across the marina to board the ketch-style Armadillo.  As we set out, for the first time since we’d arrived, the gray cloud cover cleared and we had a nice view of Mt. Rainier.

For the next three hours we sailed around Elliott Bay, eventually stopping to eat dinner on the deck while watching a perfect, golden sunset reflect off all the shiny glass buildings in downtown Seattle.  Later, on the way back to the marina, I was chatting with a friendly Dutch student who had seen bald eagles earlier that week, and 30 seconds later, one sped past the boat not twenty feet away.  I’d never seen a bald eagle in the wild and it was an exhilarating end to our PNW visit.

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I preferred the sea

2014.Seattle.42 2014.Seattle.41 2014.Seattle.40

Bainbridge Island, Washington (State).  July 2014.

Beauty and the boat

2014.Seattle.47A little pedicure on the deck of our boat ♥

Essie’s Clambake.  Seattle, WA. July 2014.

It’s Friday, I’m in love


Going through these photos from happy times in Seattle puts a smile on face, though I’m also excited for the next trip up on our plate.  This weekend we head back to Michigan for a getaway with dear friends.  We’re staying on the same tiny peninsula in the same little cabin, but this time more friends are joining us for a long weekend.  I have a special love for Michigan and I’m so excited to be back.

Hope you have a great weekend!

2014.Seattle.34 2014.Seattle.35 2014.Seattle.32

Well beyond the waves

2014.Seattle.38 2014.Seattle.37 2014.Seattle.39 2014.Seattle.36

Bainbridge Island, Washington State. July 2014.

Bainbridge Island

2014.Seattle.22 2014.Seattle.232014.Seattle.24

Bainbridge Island, July 2014.

We learned the sea

2014.Seattle.19 2014.Seattle.21 2014.Seattle.20

Morning ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island, July 2014.

So wide is my river


Over the last few years, we’ve been using Airbnb to find great, affordable places to stay when we travel.  Typically, we try to find charming, quiet little apartments, but lately we’ve been reading articles about all of the airstreams, treehouses, and yurts that are available, and we decided it was time to try something a little less bread and butter.  So on our recent trip to Seattle, we paired up with a good friend who was coming to town for the same wedding and three of us stayed on a live-aboard boat!

Our boat, an 80 year-old wooden beauty, was docked in a private marina near a busy harbor south of downtown.  Some mornings you’d wake up in the gray, early-morning light to find the boat rocking gently from side-to-side and if you peeked out the window you might see a couple of tugboats lugging a giant barge loaded with shipping containers along the waterway.  Other times you’d be sitting out on the deck with a glass of wine and a young family would go rowing by in a little dinghy.  Our hosts even took us sailing on our last night in town.  I loved our brief life on the sea, and I can’t wait to see what other wonderful homes away from home await us.

2014.Seattle.30 2014.Seattle.26 2014.Seattle.29 2014.Seattle.28 2014.Seattle.31

Seattle Public Library


As an avid reader and non-practicing librarian, I couldn’t leave Seattle again without paying a visit to the flagship Central Branch of the Seattle Public Library.  Along with a few friends, we spent an hour or so exploring the stunning building, getting lost in the stacks, and riding the amazing neon yellow elevators.

2014.Seattle.18 2014.Seattle.17 2014.Seattle.14 2014.Seattle.13 2014.Seattle.16

High as the flame will rise


As a post-wedding treat, the bride and groom put together a little campfire on the beach at Puget Sound.  Happy to be together as long as possible, everyone gathered on the beach around the flames, watching the sun set behind the Olympic Mountains, toasting marshmallows, and trying to stretch out the evening, the laughter, the hugs and the togetherness just a little longer.

2014.Seattle.Wedding.6 2014.Seattle.Wedding.5 2014.Seattle.Wedding.7 2014.Seattle.Wedding.9 2014.Seattle.Wedding.10 2014.Seattle.Wedding.11

A Seattle wedding


A few of my favorite snaps from the wedding of our lovely friends in Seattle.

2014.Seattle.Wedding.3 2014.Seattle.Wedding.2 2014.Seattle.Wedding.4

Wanderings: Seattle


We’re always happy when our friends fall in love with wonderful people and decide to get hitched.  More often than not, it means we get to travel for a wedding, and I can’t think of anything better than exploring another place but still being surrounded by good friends, especially when those friends are typically scattered around the country.

Late July saw us traveling to Seattle for just such a wedding, and we decided to take a little extra time off to explore the area, eat lots of great food, and hang out with our friends.  We slept on boats, traveled on boats, and sight-saw on boats and I’m already missing life on the water.  For the next few days, I’ll be sharing some memories from our PNW adventures.



Thanksgiving 2011

We live in the District of Columbia, and it’s always a surprise to meet people who actually grew up in the area.  We and most of our friends came here from all over the U.S.–and from countries all over the world–to work in politics, government, education, advocacy, and a hundred other kinds of public service.  It’s a wonderfully easy place to make friends, and the people we’ve met are so fascinating and warm.  They have so many different beliefs, passions, educations, experiences and travels; even when I don’t agree with them politically, they are amazing people to know.


Thanksgiving 2010

Coming from so many different parts of the country, few people stay in town over the holidays, and the few who do typically put out a call on Facebook or email to round up anyone else still in town for a Thanksgiving meal.  Some friends will even throw “Friendsgiving” a week early just to have a chance to eat with everyone before they head home for the holidays.  In years past we’ve rounded up friends in town (and from as far away as Philadelphia) and put together some fantastic meals.  Living here, with so many of us far from family, people like to emphasize “the family you make,” and as we get ready to head north and visit new family members, I’ve been thinking a lot about the friends I consider family and wishing I could be with them, too.



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