Vermont at home


As tempting as it is to bring home a chainsaw bear carving as a reminder of Vermont, we live in such a small apartment that we tend to focus on more practical souvenirs.  We had fun digging through thrift stores and antique shops, and met some charming locals along the way.

While poking through vintage pyrex bowls and baking dishes, we joked with one fellow antique hunter about whether we ever saw other people and felt nervous that they might be searching for the same thing we were.  I bought a milkglass vase and couple of vintage hats at a thrift store, and the saleslady chatted about how long she’d been in love with one of the hats I’d picked out.  On our last day, we met the friendly owner of a hardware and military surplus shop.  I bought a waterproof bag for my camera, and he laughed that it had been a slow day and that he would happily put my $3 towards some coffee and a donut.

We’ve already incorporated our finds into our home, and I’m happy to have such happy and useful reminders of our visit.

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Dusty roads we wandered on

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A few memories from Vermont.

Take me home, country road


One day in Vermont, while half our friends were napping and our husbands were hiking part of the Appalachian Trail, my friend and I spent a lazy afternoon visiting Taylor farm, a 180 year-old working dairy farm.  We wandered among the goats and bunnies, were charmed by hungry cows and a friendly donkey, and wondered why pigs seem to love lying around in smelly mud—to cool off, I’ve since learned.  Chickens roamed freely, and as we admired their speckled feathers, a couple of roosters got into a spat, which was fascinating to see.

In a stroke of luck, we happened by a few farm workers who’d gathered around a guitar and a drum, and were singing folk and country songs.  My friend bought a cold beer, and we sat in the sun on the porch, enjoying the breeze and the affections of a farm cat, as the men next to us harmonized to John Denver.

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I was walking far from home


The Mister and I love cluttered country antique shops and thrift stores, and we got lost several times in Vermont looking for them.  After a few wrong turns in tiny town, we spotted a sign for a covered bridge.  I’d never seen one before, so the Mister kept driving until we found it.  He insisted on driving through it, and afterwards we pulled over for a few minutes to take photos, admire the storm clouds gathered around the mountains, and talk about how much we loved Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep.  All told, we saw seven covered bridges while we were in Vermont, though none were quite as charming as the first.


It’s Friday, I’m in love


I’m always happy when the weekend is here, and while I’m glad for a few days to sleep late in my own bed, I’m already missing the wonderful friends we saw last weekend.  I hope some combination of will and circumstance will bring us back together again soon.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Adrift on a sea of cheese


One of the loveliest parts of staying in a house with a bunch of friends is making meals and eating together.  We all took turns making breakfast and dinner, and most importantly of all, cocktail hour.  Being in Vermont, those of us that hosted cocktail hours over the course of the weekend took our responsibilities as providers of cheese very seriously.  We scoured specialty shops, farm stands, and farmers markets, looking for the finest cheeses Vermont had to offer.

The Mister and I hosted on the final evening of our stay, and the weather was fine enough that we could all sit outside.  He made lemon smashes (a lemon, mint and bourbon cocktail) on demand, and we all sat around enjoying the evening light, swatting at black flies, and hoping the night and the cheese would never end.

*Note:  I put this post together for Angie’s Fiesta Friday, which is always a nice way to end the week!  Cheese is my favorite part of any party.

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Upward over the mountain


I like a slow drive down a country road.  Slow enough to notice all the details as we pass by, slow enough to pull into any antiques shop that looks promising, or down a side street whenever something catches my eye.

It threatened rain as we made our way through the back roads of the Green Mountain National Forest in southwestern Vermont, and we dodged downpours as we stopped here for cheese, and there to browse through old pyrex baking dishes and boxes of dusty vinyl records.  Sometimes a covered bridge warranted a u-turn and sometimes we’d skid to a stop on the side of the road to admire a barn full of dairy cows.  I’d gladly spend the whole summer exploring every little road in every state, until we’d mapped them all out and seen every detail there was to be seen, just the two of us.



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Wanderings: A mountain house in Vermont


This past weekend, we were lucky enough to be invited by dear friends to spend the long weekend in a beautiful house in mountains of Vermont.  It was a little like sleeping in a tree-house, with rooms spread across four levels, full of angles and details, and surrounded by beautiful gardens and quiet woods.  We made meals, took naps, ate far too much cheese, kept a fire going on cool nights, and used the lovely house as a home base for exploring nearby towns.

The Mister and I had the top floor room of the house, and on the last morning we snuggled in bed until the last possible moment, wishing for another few days surrounded by trees and mountains, and wonderful friends.

Edit:  Here’s a link to the house on Airbnb, if you’re interested.

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It’s Friday, I’m in love

What are you doing for Memorial Day?  We’ve tacked a few days onto the long weekend and are heading up to Vermont to spend some time catching up with good friends.  I’m excited for fresh air and making meals with people I love.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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