After an amazing week in Rome, we hopped a train for the Tuscan countryside, where we spent the second week of our honeymoon relaxing in an old farmhouse.  Opting to spend our time enjoying the surrounding fields and vineyards instead of renting a car and driving from town to town, we stocked up on groceries and made the most of our farm house kitchen.  Every day we cooked our own meals and ate them in the shade of a row of cypress trees, occassionaly ducking over to the stone store house on the property where we had access to wine made from local grapes.  Occasionally we took a bus or train to visit ancient nearby towns, but mostly we wandered around the property through meadows and fields, admiring the wildflowers, devouring book after book in the shade, and drowsily watching the afternoon sun set the surrounding pond and vineyards aglow with golden light.

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Wanderings: Honeymoon in Italy

Walking the terraced garden paths in Cinque Terre

Our anniversary always makes me think of our honeymoon, which was about as perfect as could be.  We spent three perfect, leisurely weeks in Italy—one in Rome, one in Tuscany, and one in Cinque Terre, with day trips to Florence and Pisa.  Someday maybe I’ll share those photos here, but for now here’s a glimpse of some of my favorite memories from those weeks.

Taking the train in Tuscany

Trastevere in Rome

Gelateria in Rome

A glimpse of the Duomo in Florence

The vinyards at our Tuscan farmhouse

The amazing balcony of our apartment in Cinque Terre



It’s Friday, I’m in love

A favorite photo of my favorite guy in Tuscany

Weekends are nice, but today is extra special because it’s my favorite person’s birthday.  We’re on the road, today celebrating the Mister’s big 3-0, and tomorrow a loved one’s wedding.  I’m excited to spend a few days hanging out with my guy, catching up with family, and hopefully dancing till I drop.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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