She swam in the river, she sang with the birds


Rockport, MA. August, 2014.

Stay there, I’ll be coming over

2014.Rockport.13 2014.Rockport.12 2014.Rockport.14

Pretty jewel-colored kayaks, all lined up and ready for an adventure.

Rockport, Massachusetts. August, 2014.

House by the sea


Do you dream of a house by the sea?  I do.  A cozy little cottage made of stone or covered in weather-beaten shingles.  It would sit on a hill, surrounded by a lush garden full of herbs and over-grown flowers.  The air would always be just chilly enough to need a cozy sweater, and you could drink your tea, and look out over a gray and rocky shore.

Whenever I’m visiting little coastal towns, I’m looking for this house.  Sometimes I find it, sometimes I don’t, but always I’m imagining myself there.

2014.Rockport.10 2014.Rockport.9 2014.Rockport.8

Wanderings: Rockport

2014.Rockport.12014.Rockport.3 2014.Rockport.4 2014.Rockport.5 2014.Rockport.2

Merrily merrily merrily

2014.Rockport.7 2014.Rockport.6

Can I row away in one of these brightly colored boats? Rockport, August 2014.

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