The water tried to take her

2014.California.112 2014.California.111


2014.Big.Sur.6 2014.Big.Sur.8 2014.Big.Sur.7 2014.Big.Sur.5 2014.Big.Sur.10 2014.Big.Sur.9

McWay Falls, Big Sur, CA.  October, 2014.

I leave my rage to the sea and the sun

2014.California.109 2014.California.110

Monterey, CA. October 2014.

Wanderings: Venice Beach


Something about Venice Beach just makes me want to grab a board and dive right into the waves.  I loved the sounds, the crashing waves, the throbbing music.  So much color, so many people, so much energy.  We only had a few pre-wedding hours to explore the neighborhood—-on foot, which is so amazing in LA.  Hopefully we’ll have some time this weekend to pay Venice Beach another visit.

2014.Venice.Beach.3 2014.Venice.Beach.5 2014.Venice.Beach.1 2014.Venice.Beach.2

She swam in the river, she sang with the birds


Rockport, MA. August, 2014.

Stay there, I’ll be coming over

2014.Rockport.13 2014.Rockport.12 2014.Rockport.14

Pretty jewel-colored kayaks, all lined up and ready for an adventure.

Rockport, Massachusetts. August, 2014.

House by the sea


Do you dream of a house by the sea?  I do.  A cozy little cottage made of stone or covered in weather-beaten shingles.  It would sit on a hill, surrounded by a lush garden full of herbs and over-grown flowers.  The air would always be just chilly enough to need a cozy sweater, and you could drink your tea, and look out over a gray and rocky shore.

Whenever I’m visiting little coastal towns, I’m looking for this house.  Sometimes I find it, sometimes I don’t, but always I’m imagining myself there.

2014.Rockport.10 2014.Rockport.9 2014.Rockport.8

Wanderings: Rockport

2014.Rockport.12014.Rockport.3 2014.Rockport.4 2014.Rockport.5 2014.Rockport.2

Merrily merrily merrily

2014.Rockport.7 2014.Rockport.6

Can I row away in one of these brightly colored boats? Rockport, August 2014.

I preferred the sea

2014.Seattle.42 2014.Seattle.41 2014.Seattle.40

Bainbridge Island, Washington (State).  July 2014.

Well beyond the waves

2014.Seattle.38 2014.Seattle.37 2014.Seattle.39 2014.Seattle.36

Bainbridge Island, Washington State. July 2014.

Drive fast, go north


Traveling north on Route 1, where the cliffs rise straight out of the sea, the air smells like strawberries, and the sunny skies are suddenly overtaken with a rolling wave of fog.  West coast summer, I love you so.

2014.California.61 2014.California.62 2014.California.64 2014.California.60 2014.California.58

Where nothing at all needs saying

2014.California.46 2014.California.45

And the moon swam back

2014.California.43 2014.California.44 2014.California.42

Loving you was really hard


Someone found some new, if temporary, best friends in the tide pools of Pacific Grove.

2014.California.39 2014.California.35 2014.California.37 2014.California.36

Wanderings: Monterey Bay Aquarium


Over the roughly three weeks I’ve spent in Monterey over the last year, I’ve had an amazing time exploring the coast on foot, by bicycle, and via kayak.  This visit, however, was the first chance I had to visit the area’s most famous attraction, the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

One Saturday afternoon, we spent hours mesmerized by towering tanks of sharks, octopuses, otters, rays, and all sorts of fish in a dazzling array of colors.  Having explored the kelp forests from above in a kayak it was wonderful to see them from below with the sun shining down through their coppery leaves.  I’d only ever seen sunfish and nautiluses in pictures before, and I could have spent hours watching the schools of sardines glide in a sparkling, unbroken circle.

If you visit, be sure to have lunch in the cafe, where you can eat fresh fruit or a bowl of chowder with a perfect view out on the bay, where seals and otters are sunning themselves out on the rocks.

2014.California.25 2014.California.21 2014.California.29 2014.California.22 2014.California.26 2014.California.24 2014.California.30 2014.California.23 DSC_0221

But my heart cried out for you

2014.California.6 2014.California.5 2014.California.7 2014.California.4

Never look down by the maple


While hiking out on the Cypress Grove trail at Point Lobos, we took a turn on the path high above the crashing ocean waves, and stumbled on this grove of red-stained trees.  The contrast of bright red growth on the white, white bark was dramatic and spooky, and we felt a little like Hansel and Gretel, walking through an other-worldly forest towards unknown dangers.

2014.California.10 2014.California.9 2014.California.8


There is your song from me


Wonderful hours spent listening to the sounds of the waves crashing against the rocks.

2014.California.14 2014.California.15 2014.California.12 2014.California.13

Wanderings: California summer


As much as I longed for summer during the long winter, late June is when my part of the East Coast starts to get uncomfortably swampy.  Lucky for me, we’re in California for the rest of the month, and the mix of sun, fog and the ocean breeze have me in a very happy place.

2014.Point.Lobos.3 2014.Point.Lobos.2

Wanderings: Asbury Park

Some cities will always photograph well; I’m drawn back to the loveliness of New York and Paris again and again.  Lately though, I’m in love with small town Americana, preferably by the seaside on a cloudy day.  I like the contrast of new and old, the unabashed use of color, the giant structures tempting fate right at the edge of the waves.  I had so much fun taking photos, that I practically had to be dragged back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

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