Summer forever


Thanks again, Michigan, for another lovely summer.  I hope I see you again next year.

Coming to an end

2014.Michigan.19 2014.Michigan.18

Paw Paw, MI. August 2014.

You’re ever welcome with me

2014.Michigan.24 2014.Michigan.22 2014.Michigan.20 2014.Michigan.21 2014.Michigan.23 2014.Michigan.25

Paw Paw, MI. August 2014.

Rain rain rain came down down down

2014.Michigan.26 2014.Michigan.28 2014.Michigan.27

Rainy little day trip to Holland, MI. August 2014.

While our leaves are still green

2014.Michigan.16 2014.Michigan.17

Paw Paw, MI. August 2014.

Canoe racing


What would a lakeside holiday be without a few friendly canoe races?

2014.Michigan.14 2014.Michigan.13 2014.Michigan.11

Al fresco every night

2014.Michigan.4 2014.Michigan.7 2014.Michigan.6

Lakeside accessories

2014.Michigan.9 2014.Michigan.10

Who needs bangles or sandals when you can accessorize your cut offs with a fish cleaning knife?

Wanderings: Michigan summers


There is nothing like a Michigan summer.  I’ve spent part of the summer there for six of the last nine years, sometimes for just a few days and sometimes for months at a time.  It’s a magical place and I was happy to be back again this summer, staying on the same peninsula as last year, this time with a few additional friends.  We canoed, cooked, swam, overslept, and generally forgot about all our worries back home.  For the next few days, I’ll be sharing some memories of those lazy lakeside days.

2014.Michigan.3 2014.Michigan.5

B-cycling Madison


Summer in the Midwest is gorgeous, so on our visit to Madison, we decided to skip the car rentals and get around town using B-Cycle, Madison’s bikesharing program.  I regularly use Capital Bikeshare in DC as part of my daily commute, so I was pretty excited to try a similar program while exploring another city, especially since most of the wedding events and restaurants we wanted to try were within a few miles of our downtown hotel.

Madison was sunny and breezy during our stay, perfect weather to ride down the bike and bus only State Street and explore the University of Wisconsin campus.   We made our way out to the Arboretum to admire the lily-pads and tall grasses waving alongside Lake Wingra.  Later we rode the bike trails along Lake Monona back into downtown and all the other bicycle commuters made us feel like locals.  After a quick freshening up, we hopped on bikes again to ride out to a restaurant on the other side of the isthmus for dinner, stopping to drop off our bikes and watch the sunset on Lake Mendota.

Though Madison doesn’t have quite as many bike stations as DC, but we never found it much of a problem to make it between stations within the 30 minute check-out period.  The B-Cycle bikes are a little sturdier and less rickety than the ones I ride in DC, which is great, but the best part of the experience was the amazing bike culture in Madison.  Most of the city had amazing bike lanes, and when we did have to share the road, drivers were so attentive, patient, and considerate.  The whole city was a cyclist’s dream and I only hope that someday DC will be as safe and stress-free place to bike.

2014.Madison.2 2014.Madison.3 2014.Madison.1 2014.Madison.4

Wanderings: Madison


Is there anything dreamier than the midwest in the summertime?  As a native-Texas, I grew up associating summer with broiling heat and dead dry grass, until I moved to Michigan in my mid-twenties, and realized how magical summer truely was in other parts of the world.

This year we had a couple of chances to visit the midwest, starting with a lovely trip to Madison, Wisconsin for the wedding of a very dear friend.  I’d been hearing amazing things about Madison for years and that lovely city lived up to every expectation.  I’ll be sharing more about our adventures there over the coming days.


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