No remedy for memory

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Joshua Tree, California.  October 2014.

Love be brave


Joshua Tree, California; October 2014.

Cholla Cactus Gardens


A visit to this garden of dangerous beauties was one of the highlights of our wanderings around Joshua Tree.  Cholla cactus has many names, from the misleading “Teddy Bear Cactus” to the far more apt “Jumping Cactus,” a nickname earned because, while its golden spines are pretty to look at, they are quick to attach themselves to anything that comes too close.  Awestruck and wary, we meandered up and down the twisting path of this cactus garden one afternoon, just as the light started to turn golden, turning the distant mountains a faint purple and make the Cholla glow.



West with the night


Joshua Tree, CA.  October 2014.

Let’s not talk about fare-thee-wells now


29 Palms Inn, Joshua Tree, California.  October 2014.

Nothing scares me anymore

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Joshua Tree, California; October 2014.

Wanderings: Joshua Tree


It’s winter now, a full three months since I left Joshua Tree, and all I dream of is the desert.

I’ve always only thought of myself as a city person.  I longed for the crush of buildings, the noise, the chaos of a crowd of people.  New York, London, Rome, Paris, Chicago, LA, any city at all, I was ready to devour it.  Then, this year, I visited the desert and found a new hollow part of my heart that wants to be filled with not just canyons and cactus and dust, but also mountains, starry skies, and wide open places.  A dry, hot visit to Sonoma in June gave me a taste, but driving around this otherworldly place where the Mojave and Colorado Deserts meet, threw the door wide open, enchanting me with strange landscapes, dark dark nights, and a hot, unrelenting sun.

Today, I’m skiing in Yosemite, attempting to embrace winter and the hygge we’ve all been reading about, but for the next two weeks I’ll be sharing photos from Joshua Tree, a little peek into my desert dreams.

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