Wanderings: Nyhavn

During our brief visit to Copenhagen, we couldn’t resist a visit to the colorful Nyhavn canal and waterfront.  The canal is well over three hundred years old, and lined with a charming kaleidoscope of townhouses, restaurants, and historic ships.  We were visiting too early on a Sunday morning for most of the usual tourist attractions like boat tours, Tivoli Gardens, or the local palaces, but those places we were able to visit, like Nyhavn, left me eager to return for a longer stay.


Wanderings: Christianshavns Kanal

The first place in Copenhagen we visited was Christianshavn Kanal.  It was still early morning and the sun had barely risen.  The canal and surrounding streets were shrouded in a thick fog, and the neighborhood was nearly empty of people.  Armed with hot coffees, we slowly made our way along the cobble-stoned path, buildings and boat masts slowly emerging from mist ahead as we walked.  The silence was almost a little spooky and my mother made a few jokes about Danish vampires.  Given the atmosphere, I wouldn’t have been at all surprised if we had stumbled upon one.

Wanderings: Copenhagen

On the way home from our recent trip to Paris, my mother and I had a fourteen hour layover in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Neither of us had ever been to Copenhagen, and we both jumped at the chance to spend even a few hours in a new city.  After snagging a couple of hours of sleep on some obliging benches in the airport, we took a predawn train into town.

It was early on a Sunday morning, and, except for some early risers and a few others who hadn’t quite made it to bed yet, the cobbled streets were quiet and mostly empty.  Despite not having quite the right timing to see the famous “bicycle rush hour,” the streets were full of beautiful bicycles, and I couldn’t help but stop every few feet to admire them.

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