Long ago, it must be

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November, 2014.

Night in the city looks pretty to me


Getting lost in Central Park after the sun had set was a little romantic, a little exhilarating, a teensy bit scary, and oh so pretty.

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November 2014.


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Aren’t these sandstone carvings from Bethesda Terrace in Central Park amazing?  I’d love to have a set of them as bookends.

Wanderings: Central Park


While we usually make it up to New York City a few times a year, I realized on my last visit that I hadn’t been to Central Park since I was a teenager.  This visit, in the hours between lunch with a friend in Brooklyn and dinner with other friends in Harlem, we found ourselves in the Park, walking around for hours, listening to opera singers perform in the echoing Bethesda Arcade, and enjoying the last of the fall colors and the crisp weather.

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It’s Friday, I’m in love


Now that we’re truly in the Christmas season, I’m starting to get the itch to decorate the apartment, bake some goodies, and get a move on sending out Christmas cards.  We have a bunch of Christmas parties coming up next week, so I’m hoping to pick up some pine boughs, a wreath, and maybe a tiny tree to deck our halls this weekend.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Here are a few links to some awesome art and photography projects to get you through your Friday.

  • Alix has been in Bora Bora and the photos are gorgeous [Cherry Blossom Girl]
  • How to fold the world’s best paper airplane [via This is Collosal]
  • A perspective-bending art exhibit in Vegas [via Medium]
  • Photographer Scott Chasserot explores people’s own ideal versions of themselves [Original Ideal]
  • I’m wild for these photos of a Parisian apartment [Garance Doré]

Photo from Central Park, New York City.  November 2014.

Wanderings: A romantic day in New York City


This past Friday, the Mister and I decided to spend a lazy day together in New York City.  Typically when we visit, we race around Manhattan and Brooklyn, trying to catch up with friends and maybe visit an art exhibit or two.  This time, apart from a cocktail party later in the evening, we had no real plans and decided to wander around the city and just do whatever we felt like doing in the moment.


During the day, we wandered around midtown, did a little shopping, and bought fried pickles and steamed buns at Bryant Park.  We watched ice skaters, admired art deco tree guards, and ducked into a little cafe to share coffee and a bagel when we needed to warm up a bit.  As the sun went down, we popped into a whiskey bar across from Central Park and flirted with each other until it was time to catch a train down to the West Village, where we had made last minute dinner reservations.


After dinner, we decided to walk to the party in the East Village, and it was lovely to wander among the little neighborhoods, pop into tiny wine stores, and just enjoy the city and each other on a quiet day.







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