Wanderings: Chasing spring in Albany


In late May, we spent a night in Albany, a city neither of us had visited before.  A friend of the Mister’s recommended great neighborhoods to walk through and a fantastic little Italian restaurant, where we happened to be seated next to Carlos Santana, who was in town playing a show.  Most importantly he sent us to Washington park, which, to our delight, was still overflowing with tulips.

That’s the lovely thing about spring, I suppose.  When the tulips finish in DC, just go a little further north and find them in New Jersey, and when Jersey is done with them, go further north still, and Albany will still be bursting to the brim with brightly colored bulbs.

DSC_0388 2014.Albany.1 2014.Albany.4 2014.Albany.8 2014.Albany.6 2014.Albany.2 2014.Albany.9 2014.Albany.7 2014.Albany.3

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