Cliffs of Moher


Considered one of the most iconic landscapes in all of Ireland, we could resist spending a morning at the Cliffs of Moher.  Though the view from the main platform was breathtaking, we’d heard wonderful things about the trail that extended along the southern edge of the cliffs, and we quickly headed away from the crowds towards the quieter trails.  Before long the the guard rail gave way to a wooden fence, which gave way to stone slabs cut from a nearby quarry, which eventually gave way to dirt and grass and cliff’s edge.  Standing there on the grass a few feet from a sheer 200 meter drop, with wobbly knees and winds whipping through our hair and trying to toss us back onto our bottoms, we gazed out at the green cliffs in either direction, the soaring birds, and the wild ocean crashing below, and it was easy to imagine that we were standing at the edge of the world.

DSC_3644-Edit DSC_3632-Edit DSC_3650-Edit DSC_3620-Edit DSC_3655-Edit


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