The Giant’s Causeway


When we decided to travel to Ireland, I made one request.  I’d happily spend most of our time hiking around southwestern Ireland to celebrate the Mister’s recent graduation, but could we please make one major detour and visit the Giant’s Causeway?  After a showing him a few photos, he was sold on the idea, and we began our trip by heading straight for the Causeway coast in Northern Ireland.

So many of the places I travel to are chosen because I’ve already fallen in love with photographs of them, but, as with so many beautiful places, words and photos fall short of actually representing the experience of them.  Clambering over the slick basalt columns, watching as passing storms transform calm water to crashing waves just a few feet away, hiking trails lined with sheep and brightly blooming gorse, no photo or essay could have captured the full vibrancy of the experience, though that doesn’t stop me from trying.  Just a reminder to myself of why we try so hard to travel as much as we can.

DSC_3454-Edit-2 DSC_3444-Edit DSC_3459-Edit DSC_3461 DSC_3467 DSC_3492 DSC_3515 DSC_3497 DSC_3532 DSC_3535 DSC_3540 DSC_3546 DSC_3555

4 Comments on “The Giant’s Causeway

  1. I have no words for these breathe taking photos. I can only imagine how taken away you must have felt actually experiencing such beauty.


  2. new to your blog – who’s the photographer? Or are you both?



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