Where to next?


Does wintertime stir up your wanderlust?  This time of year, when the gray and gloom drive everyone inside and the holidays are settling into memory, I always start to feel an itch to go somewhere.  Anywhere but here, as they say.

For the first time in a long time we don’t have any weddings scheduled for this year and someone is nearly done with his graduate studies, so we are excited to be able to use our vacation time however we’d like.  Some of the travel ideas we are considering include:

  • One more California stay for graduation that will hopefully include another visit to a national park
  • A celebratory trip to London
  • A short visit to Massachusetts for a family celebration
  • A short visit to Texas to see a new baby
  • A getaway with friends somewhere on the East Coast, maybe Vermont
  • Summer fun with family in New Hampshire
  • A longer trip to Asia sometime in the fall.  Top contenders are Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan.
  • Spending a whole week in Texas for Christmas.  I haven’t been home for the holidays in years.  I am so excited about this one!

Even with all these adventures on the horizon, part of me wants to go somewhere right now.  Anywhere.  Our next scheduled trip is a short weekend visit to NYC in February and it can’t come soon enough.

Where are you going next?

6 Comments on “Where to next?

  1. I’m headed to New York next week too! For work in New Jersey, but hoping to squeeze in some fun in Manhattan over the weekend. Aside from business travel, I’m afraid I’m land-locked for the next few months with baby on the way, but I’ve already penciled in a trip to Vegas with my girlfriends in October. I’m hoping it’ll help motivate me to get back in shape after pregnancy, but I might be a little over-optimistic. And I vote for trip to Asia for you!


    • Fun! Hope you’ll report on any good food finds! Also, I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on post-baby travel. It’s definitely something I think about a lot as we consider parenthood.



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