Cholla Cactus Gardens


A visit to this garden of dangerous beauties was one of the highlights of our wanderings around Joshua Tree.  Cholla cactus has many names, from the misleading “Teddy Bear Cactus” to the far more apt “Jumping Cactus,” a nickname earned because, while its golden spines are pretty to look at, they are quick to attach themselves to anything that comes too close.  Awestruck and wary, we meandered up and down the twisting path of this cactus garden one afternoon, just as the light started to turn golden, turning the distant mountains a faint purple and make the Cholla glow.



4 Comments on “Cholla Cactus Gardens

    • Thanks, Gina! I’ve always been drawn more to moody photography than technically perfect photos, so I think a little of that comes through.



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