29 Palms Inn

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Sometimes you stumble into an oasis just when you need it most.  The plan was to stay only one night in Joshua Tree, drive around the park, and then head back to LA.  We drove through the desert for hours, physically and emotionally exhausted and low on morale.  It was late when we pulled into the dusty drive at 29 Palms Inn, but it only took a few moments for it to wrap us up in it’s warm, calming arms, promising to make everything better.

Built on an actual oasis, 29 Palms Inn is so cool, so chic, and so so chill.  That first night, we watched the moon rise over our little private patio and listened to the coyote calls echo across the desert.  Soon we were ringing the front desk to ask about a longer stay.  This was where we needed to be; to rest, to heal, to get back to ourselves again.



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