It’s Friday, I’m in love


Now that we’re truly in the Christmas season, I’m starting to get the itch to decorate the apartment, bake some goodies, and get a move on sending out Christmas cards.  We have a bunch of Christmas parties coming up next week, so I’m hoping to pick up some pine boughs, a wreath, and maybe a tiny tree to deck our halls this weekend.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Here are a few links to some awesome art and photography projects to get you through your Friday.

  • Alix has been in Bora Bora and the photos are gorgeous [Cherry Blossom Girl]
  • How to fold the world’s best paper airplane [via This is Collosal]
  • A perspective-bending art exhibit in Vegas [via Medium]
  • Photographer Scott Chasserot explores people’s own ideal versions of themselves [Original Ideal]
  • I’m wild for these photos of a Parisian apartment [Garance Doré]

Photo from Central Park, New York City.  November 2014.


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