It’s Friday, I’m in love


Happy Halloween!  Instead of dressing up or handing out candy, we’re packing our bags and  heading up to New Jersey for the weekend.  Fall is such a nice time of year to spend time with family and anytime is a great time to snuggle with cute babies.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Here are a few links to some great art and photography projects to get you through your Friday.

  • Timelapse photography of severe storms moving across the high plains by Nicolaus Wegner. [Vimeo]
  • These cinemagraphs of nature and city scenes from Julian Douvier are wonderful. [via This is Collosal]
  • Fred Lyon’s amazing portfolio of photos of San Francisco from the 50s and 60s. [Fred Lyon]
  • Sometimes fashion and lifestyle blogs have the best photography.  I really loved the photos Maria del Rio shot of Kendra Smoot for Cup of Jo.  The light is fantastic! [via Cup of Jo]
  • There is a new book, Shooting Space, that explores the relationship between architecture and photography.  A few great galleries at Wired and the Barbicon Art Gallery.

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