Wanderings: Big Sur


Have you ever imagined what the edge of the world might look like?  With its creeping fog, and jagged mountains rising straight out of the sea, Big Sur seems impossible enough to be that place.  With cliffs too impossibly steep and crashing waves too impossibly wild, one feels like this place was meant to be a secret, open only to the strongest and most daring among us.  And yet, here is this road carved right into the mountainside, and here you are, a regular person, standing right at the edge of this cliff staring out at an unearned landscape that almost seems too beautiful to be real.

2014.Big.Sur.19 2014.Big.Sur.24 2014.Big.Sur.20 2014.Big.Sur.25 2014.Big.Sur.21 2014.Big.Sur.23 2014.Big.Sur.22 2014.Big.Sur.18

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