Wanderings: Minneapolis


Work trips can be so amazing and so frustrating at the same time.  Mostly, you end up dropping into a new city just long enough to realize how amazing it is, but with little time to get to see much of it.  Sometimes, I’ll try to extend a trip with a day off or stay through the weekend, but it isn’t always possible, and sadly this was the case with my brief introduction to Minneapolis.

Within about an hour of arriving, I was in love with Minneapolis.  Once I’d gotten to my hotel, I had originally planned to rest for an hour or two and then meet colleagues for drinks and dinner, but the gorgeous Mill District I was staying in immediately caught my attention and I wandered out to have a look around.

The architecture of this neighborhood, running just west of the Mississippi River, was a fantastic mix of contemporary schools, museums, and theaters, and revitalized warehouse-to-your-house living spaces.  There were so many great restaurants and I was thrilled that my colleague wanted to try dinner at The Bachelor Farmer.

Afterwards, I spent $6 on a 24-hour pass to use Minneapolis’ bikesharing program, Nice Ride, and zipped around the neighborhood, taking in what I could, and wishing that I’d have some reason to come back soon and see more.

2014.Minneapolis.1 2014.Minneapolis.2 2014.Minneapolis.3


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