It’s Friday, I’m in love


Don’t you love short weeks?  I’m happy for another weekend, as well as a little break from the steamy weather we’ve been having lately.  We’re planning to see a few friends, and if it isn’t too rainy, catch a ballgame.  If we do get rained out, I’ll just try to brighten things up indoors by picking up a few blossoms, like these lovely yellow and red Butterfly Weeds that I got last weekend from the Women’s Coop in Bethesda.

Hope you have a great weekend!

[Edit 8:30am]  Turns out my flowers lived up to their name!  After almost a week on our dining room table, I suddenly noticed two giant caterpillars munching away on the leaves!  Those little guys got set free outside before I left for work, but I’m sure their new bush is nowhere near as tasty as my flowers.

2014.Butterfly.weed.3 2014.Butterfly.weed.2


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