House by the sea


Do you dream of a house by the sea?  I do.  A cozy little cottage made of stone or covered in weather-beaten shingles.  It would sit on a hill, surrounded by a lush garden full of herbs and over-grown flowers.  The air would always be just chilly enough to need a cozy sweater, and you could drink your tea, and look out over a gray and rocky shore.

Whenever I’m visiting little coastal towns, I’m looking for this house.  Sometimes I find it, sometimes I don’t, but always I’m imagining myself there.

2014.Rockport.10 2014.Rockport.9 2014.Rockport.8


Wanderings: Rockport

2014.Rockport.12014.Rockport.3 2014.Rockport.4 2014.Rockport.5 2014.Rockport.2

It’s Friday, I’m in love


Hectic weeks can be exhausting but so rewarding!  I spent a few days traveling in the Midwest for work, and now I’m back in California for another west coast wedding!  I just love it here so much and I’m happy to be seeing so many friends and excited to spend a little time exploring Venice Beach, before heading up to Monterey.  California, I just love you so much; almost as much as the gorgeous sunflowers we saw while driving around on little roads in Massachusetts.   Those sunny blooms are just like my mood these days.

Have a great weekend!

2014.Massachusetts.20 2014.Massachusetts.22 2014.Massachusetts.19

Merrily merrily merrily

2014.Rockport.7 2014.Rockport.6

Can I row away in one of these brightly colored boats? Rockport, August 2014.

Old Burying Ground


A rainy afternoon visit to the Old Burying Ground in Ipswich, Massachusetts.  The beautiful carvings on these old slate tombstones, some of them over three-hundred and fifty years-old, are straight out of an Edward Gorey storybook.

2014.Massachusetts.9 2014.Massachusetts.16 2014.Massachusetts.17 2014.Massachusetts.12 2014.Massachusetts.11 2014.Massachusetts.15 2014.Massachusetts.14 2014.Massachusetts.13 2014.Massachusetts.18

The Clam Box


Traveling to Massachusetts in the summer means fried clams and onion rings, and for the Mister, no place place sings their siren song sweeter than the Clam Box in Ipswich, Massachusetts.  As a teenagers, he and his brother had jobs as onion boys (onion ring makers), and even now, whenever we visit someone working in the kitchen recognizes him.


Wanderings: The North Shore


The Mister grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts and we went for a little family visit this summer.  I love the rocky, marshy coastal communities in the area, especially in the warmer months.  I’d be content driving from little town to little town, picking up sea glass, and eating fried clams and lobster.  I’ll be sharing photos from our visit over the next few days, starting with these shots of sea glass and hydrangeas at my in-laws’ cozy house in the woods.

2014.Massachusetts.3 2014.Massachusetts.5 2014.Massachusetts.6 2014.Massachusetts.4 2014.Massachusetts.1

Summer forever


Thanks again, Michigan, for another lovely summer.  I hope I see you again next year.

Coming to an end

2014.Michigan.19 2014.Michigan.18

Paw Paw, MI. August 2014.

You’re ever welcome with me

2014.Michigan.24 2014.Michigan.22 2014.Michigan.20 2014.Michigan.21 2014.Michigan.23 2014.Michigan.25

Paw Paw, MI. August 2014.

Rain rain rain came down down down

2014.Michigan.26 2014.Michigan.28 2014.Michigan.27

Rainy little day trip to Holland, MI. August 2014.

Tilting at windmills

2014.Michigan.35 2014.Michigan.29 2014.Michigan.31 2014.Michigan.32 2014.Michigan.34 2014.Michigan.30 2014.Michigan.33

Daytrip to visit the De Zwaan windmill in Holland, MI. August 2014.

While our leaves are still green

2014.Michigan.16 2014.Michigan.17

Paw Paw, MI. August 2014.

Canoe racing


What would a lakeside holiday be without a few friendly canoe races?

2014.Michigan.14 2014.Michigan.13 2014.Michigan.11

Al fresco every night

2014.Michigan.4 2014.Michigan.7 2014.Michigan.6

Lakeside accessories

2014.Michigan.9 2014.Michigan.10

Who needs bangles or sandals when you can accessorize your cut offs with a fish cleaning knife?

Wanderings: Michigan summers


There is nothing like a Michigan summer.  I’ve spent part of the summer there for six of the last nine years, sometimes for just a few days and sometimes for months at a time.  It’s a magical place and I was happy to be back again this summer, staying on the same peninsula as last year, this time with a few additional friends.  We canoed, cooked, swam, overslept, and generally forgot about all our worries back home.  For the next few days, I’ll be sharing some memories of those lazy lakeside days.

2014.Michigan.3 2014.Michigan.5

It’s Friday, I’m in love


Don’t you love short weeks?  I’m happy for another weekend, as well as a little break from the steamy weather we’ve been having lately.  We’re planning to see a few friends, and if it isn’t too rainy, catch a ballgame.  If we do get rained out, I’ll just try to brighten things up indoors by picking up a few blossoms, like these lovely yellow and red Butterfly Weeds that I got last weekend from the Women’s Coop in Bethesda.

Hope you have a great weekend!

[Edit 8:30am]  Turns out my flowers lived up to their name!  After almost a week on our dining room table, I suddenly noticed two giant caterpillars munching away on the leaves!  Those little guys got set free outside before I left for work, but I’m sure their new bush is nowhere near as tasty as my flowers.

2014.Butterfly.weed.3 2014.Butterfly.weed.2

Rooftop picnic


Summer’s not quite gone yet and on a recent lazy Saturday afternoon, we decided to take advantage of the remaining warm weather by having a romantic rooftop picnic.  I picked up baguettes, a bottle of rosé, and a couple of cheeses from on my way back from ballet class, and the Mister cut up ripe peaches and heirloom tomatoes from the farmers market.  We toted all of it up to our building’s roof deck, and spent a few hours picnicking and enjoying the breeze and the sunset, and a little quiet time together.

2014.Picnic.3 2014.Picnic.4 2014.Picnic.2

A Madison wedding


It’s hard to articulate how overwhelmed with love I felt on this day.  For the happy couple, for the city of Madison, and most of all for the wonderful friends gathered there.  Ending every night dancing and singing in a big circle of hugs with these people would be my idea of bliss.

2014.Madison.19 2014.Madison.18 2014.Madison.37 2014.Madison.24 2014.Madison.21 2014.Madison.22 2014.Madison.23 2014.Madison.29 2014.Madison.25 2014.Madison.27 2014.Madison.28 2014.Madison.26 2014.Madison.30 2014.Madison.31 2014.Madison.36 2014.Madison.38 2014.Madison.39

Dinner at the Tornado Room


A few shots from an amazing dinner at the Tornado Room Steakhouse. Fantastic food and an oh-so-cool setting to celebrate the love of two dear friends.  We felt so lucky to be included.

2014.Madison.13 2014.Madison.17 2014.Madison.15 2014.Madison.16

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