Year one


Tonight I’ll be raising a glass to celebrate the year that’s gone by since I first created this little space to share photos.    This project has been so amazingly satisfying both as a creative outlet, and, surprisingly to me, as a sort of visual diary of an incredible year.  To my Mister, my family, and friends, both in real life and those I’ve met here: thank you so much for your support, encouragement and friendship. Here’s to year two.

A few of my favorite posts from the last twelve months:

Photo from Paris, April 2014.  Taken by my mother.

2 Comments on “Year one

  1. Congrats on one year! I’ve loved following along and looking at your beautiful pics!


  2. Happy 1-year anniversary! I feel like I’ve already known you for so long even though it’s only through the computer and for less than a year. I truly enjoy your posts and beautiful photography. I agree that this blog space is such a great way to capture all the beautiful memories and moments that would otherwise maybe slip away. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for being a constant source of inspiration!



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