Wanderings: Monterey Bay Aquarium


Over the roughly three weeks I’ve spent in Monterey over the last year, I’ve had an amazing time exploring the coast on foot, by bicycle, and via kayak.  This visit, however, was the first chance I had to visit the area’s most famous attraction, the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

One Saturday afternoon, we spent hours mesmerized by towering tanks of sharks, octopuses, otters, rays, and all sorts of fish in a dazzling array of colors.  Having explored the kelp forests from above in a kayak it was wonderful to see them from below with the sun shining down through their coppery leaves.  I’d only ever seen sunfish and nautiluses in pictures before, and I could have spent hours watching the schools of sardines glide in a sparkling, unbroken circle.

If you visit, be sure to have lunch in the cafe, where you can eat fresh fruit or a bowl of chowder with a perfect view out on the bay, where seals and otters are sunning themselves out on the rocks.

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