In the quivering forest


I love old trees. The more gnarled and twisted, the better.  The cypress groves on the coast south of Monterey are amazing, and as we admire these old beauties, it’s hard not to wonder about their long lives and all that’s come and gone while they’ve been here, clinging to the side of a cliff high above the sea.

2014.California.17 2014.California.18

3 Comments on “In the quivering forest

  1. Old trees are such a beautiful thing. I admire them and daydream all the time. I always wonder if my love of their story comes from my fathers lumber business, seeing dead trees taken down and once opened up all the rings exposed… years and years that tree saw.


    • As a child, one of babysitters was married to a carpenter, and they had these beautiful wood tables made out of a slice of a tree. There were so many rings, I’d always try to count them and lose track.



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