Vermont at home


As tempting as it is to bring home a chainsaw bear carving as a reminder of Vermont, we live in such a small apartment that we tend to focus on more practical souvenirs.  We had fun digging through thrift stores and antique shops, and met some charming locals along the way.

While poking through vintage pyrex bowls and baking dishes, we joked with one fellow antique hunter about whether we ever saw other people and felt nervous that they might be searching for the same thing we were.  I bought a milkglass vase and couple of vintage hats at a thrift store, and the saleslady chatted about how long she’d been in love with one of the hats I’d picked out.  On our last day, we met the friendly owner of a hardware and military surplus shop.  I bought a waterproof bag for my camera, and he laughed that it had been a slow day and that he would happily put my $3 towards some coffee and a donut.

We’ve already incorporated our finds into our home, and I’m happy to have such happy and useful reminders of our visit.

2014.Vermont.61 2014.Vermont.63 2014.Vermont.65 2014.Vermont.62

5 Comments on “Vermont at home

    • The hardware is Elfa from the Container Store, but we did make the shelves ourselves using simple pine boards from Home Depot that we stained. I’m so happy with the way they turned out.


  1. How odd, and here’s me trying to get rid of my pyrex bowls and dishes….but I much prefer yours, the color shouts out. Beautiful finds though, love rummaging through these kinds of shops too.


    • I do love the colors, and my husband is convinced that the quality is better in the old bowls than the new ones. Plus the search is so much fun!



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