Adrift on a sea of cheese


One of the loveliest parts of staying in a house with a bunch of friends is making meals and eating together.  We all took turns making breakfast and dinner, and most importantly of all, cocktail hour.  Being in Vermont, those of us that hosted cocktail hours over the course of the weekend took our responsibilities as providers of cheese very seriously.  We scoured specialty shops, farm stands, and farmers markets, looking for the finest cheeses Vermont had to offer.

The Mister and I hosted on the final evening of our stay, and the weather was fine enough that we could all sit outside.  He made lemon smashes (a lemon, mint and bourbon cocktail) on demand, and we all sat around enjoying the evening light, swatting at black flies, and hoping the night and the cheese would never end.

*Note:  I put this post together for Angie’s Fiesta Friday, which is always a nice way to end the week!  Cheese is my favorite part of any party.

2014.Vermont.29 2014.Vermont.30 2014.Vermont.31 2014.Vermont.28 2014.Vermont.27

14 Comments on “Adrift on a sea of cheese

  1. DROOL! Cheese is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy (same could be said for wine, chocolate, and juicy summer peaches!)


  2. What a wonderful blog, I absolutely adore cheese! Such beautiful photos, so glad I found you through Fiesta Friday! :)


  3. There is no where I would rather be, than adrift in a sea of cheese! Sometimes when we go out, we have a bottle of wine and the cheeseboard and I am in heaven. I have to say that choosing the cheese for the Christmas cheeseboard has become the most anticipated ritual for me now! Thanks for bringing this amazing variety with stunning photos to Angie’s Fiesta Friday where it has been wonderful to make your acquaintance!


  4. Oooooo, you have just served one of hubby’s and my favorite meals (yes sometimes that’s all we eat). We haven’t tried those blue cheeses though… hmmmmm…. Thank you for bringing cheese, crackers and fruit! Happy Fiesta Friday!


  5. I really am a cheese person, so I can totally understand your fondness of it and the delight of the evening you describe. As you mention Vermont: Is this where your cheese was from?( Not familiar with US cheese production, but a lover of French and Swiss varieties….)


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  7. My eyes widened when I see CHEESE!!! Thank you for sharing this to us on FF18. Happy weekend! :)


  8. oooh cheese and biscuits, this is great, something we always do at Xmas but never think of doing it at other times of the year. Just found a tub of cheese oh my was v green and hit the bin pronto. thank you for your entry and please havbe a glass of bubbly, from Justine, co host with Mr Fritz xx



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