Wanderings: A mountain house in Vermont


This past weekend, we were lucky enough to be invited by dear friends to spend the long weekend in a beautiful house in mountains of Vermont.  It was a little like sleeping in a tree-house, with rooms spread across four levels, full of angles and details, and surrounded by beautiful gardens and quiet woods.  We made meals, took naps, ate far too much cheese, kept a fire going on cool nights, and used the lovely house as a home base for exploring nearby towns.

The Mister and I had the top floor room of the house, and on the last morning we snuggled in bed until the last possible moment, wishing for another few days surrounded by trees and mountains, and wonderful friends.

Edit:  Here’s a link to the house on Airbnb, if you’re interested.

2014.Vermont.4 2014.Vermont.6 2014.Vermont.1 2014.Vermont.5 2014.Vermont.7 2014.Vermont.10 2014.Vermont.3 2014.Vermont.2 2014.Vermont.8

4 Comments on “Wanderings: A mountain house in Vermont

    • I miss the country, too. I was always such a city girl, but lately I want nothing but small towns and lots of trees.


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