Wanderings: Honeymoon in Italy

Walking the terraced garden paths in Cinque Terre

Our anniversary always makes me think of our honeymoon, which was about as perfect as could be.  We spent three perfect, leisurely weeks in Italy—one in Rome, one in Tuscany, and one in Cinque Terre, with day trips to Florence and Pisa.  Someday maybe I’ll share those photos here, but for now here’s a glimpse of some of my favorite memories from those weeks.

Taking the train in Tuscany

Trastevere in Rome

Gelateria in Rome

A glimpse of the Duomo in Florence

The vinyards at our Tuscan farmhouse

The amazing balcony of our apartment in Cinque Terre



6 Comments on “Wanderings: Honeymoon in Italy

    • It was mine at the time. Right now a visit to Capri is about #3 on my list. Can’t wait to go back someday.


    • Agreed! Where did you stay in Cinque Terre? It was such a lovely, relaxing place to unwind for a week. I think about it all the time.


      • We stayed in Riomaggiore at Locanda ca da Iride. Our terrace didn’t have quite as good a view as yours, but it was a beautiful and simple place. We did the hike from Riomaggiore through all the villages to the very end of Monterosso. So intense, but so amazing! Wish we could’ve stayed longer. I have a few pics here! http://booksoutsidethebox.com/2012/09/10/italy/



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