Wanderings: Promenade Plantee

The other must on my list for this visit to Paris was a walk along the Promenade plantée, a greenway built on an old elevated railway, much like the newer High Line in New York.  Ever since I first saw the film, Before Sunset, some ten years ago I’ve wanted to pay a visit and I finally found myself in the neighborhood.  To my delight, nearly every tree and bush seemed to have just bloomed.  We walked slowly along the quiet path, inhaling the sweet scent of blossoms on the breeze, and enjoying the bursts of yellows, pinks, and purples that framed the rooftops of the classic Parisian buildings.  It was a perfect way to spend an afternoon and I think it is my new favorite place in all of Paris.

6 Comments on “Wanderings: Promenade Plantee

  1. I love lilac bushes… they remind me of home on the East coast at my grandparents where they have bushes the size of some homes.


  2. We found this walkway while wandering randomly last time we were in Paris. What a pleasant surprise! As always, lovely pictures.


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