Wanderings: Awash in pink at Notre Dame

Notre Dame is lovely on any day, but haloed by these lush pink blossoms, it seems to have an extra special magic in early spring.  They were in bloom the last time I was in Paris, and I was happy for a chance to see them cast their rosy glow on the cathedral once again.

This particular variety of tree was blooming on my wedding day, and ever since I’ve had a particular fondness for them.  In my mind, I call them carnation trees, but I think they are actually Kwanzan Cherry trees.  Any gardener friends out there know for sure?

4 Comments on “Wanderings: Awash in pink at Notre Dame

  1. Sooo lovely, I’m enjoying your Paris photos.The other day I waited more than 30 minutes in a line for a patisserie near Napa…I was so disappointed when I finally got in and thought: I need to get to Paris. Lol.


    • You’re in NorCal now, right? We’re thinking of spending a couple of days there in June. I would eagerly read any posts you might write about adventures (especially food and wine related) in the Napa area.



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