Gifts from California


After two weeks away, the Mister came home from California with gifts packed in his bag.  At a farm stand on the way to the airport, he picked up four perfect artichokes.  Sunday night, after trimming off the spines, he steamed them, marinated them in balsamic vinegar, and then roasted them under the broiler.  It was a wonderful, summery dinner, and I’m so glad he’s home.


5 Comments on “Gifts from California

  1. I continue to ponder making these.. I pass them in the store and want to grab them.. but I am fearful for some odd reason. The photos of the end results look amazingly delicious! Maybe just the push that I need!


    • I’ve never done it, but he makes it look easy. First he trims the outer prickles, then steams them, lets the cool and trims the inner prickles, marinates in balsamic vinegar, and then under the broiler. They are so amazingly tasty!



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