Kiss me hard before you go

On the train to Rome

A few times a year the Mister has to spend a few weeks in California for school.  Sometimes I get to go, too, but this time I have to stay home.  It’s strange to go about my day-to-day life without him around.  The furniture, the decor, the food–everything at home is the same, but nothing feels quite right.

When he’s away, I work longer hours and eat more simply.  I sleep in the middle of the bed and pull the blankets out from under the mattress so I can tuck them under my toes, which is nice.  I stay up late so we can video chat and he holds the camera up so I can watch the sunset in California, even though it’s been dark here for three hours.  I go out more with friends, but most nights I just want to curl up and go to sleep and will time to go by faster.

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