Cold shoulder, colder skies


When the weather is warmer and the days are longer, I pass through Rock Creek Park almost every day, usually on my bike.  Lately it’s been too cold and icy to ride, and I think the lack of exercise has contributed to my cabin fever.  Over the weekend, the Mister had a pile of homework to do, so to get out of his hair, I went for a little hike in the Park.

Normally, the route I took would be a short, brisk walk, dodging bikers and joggers all the way.  The recent storm, however, left the park silent and white, the trail still buried under several inches of snow and ice.  Picking my way along the frozen path took nearly four times as long as it normally would, and the entire time I only saw two other people.  It was a tiring and slippery walk, but I was happy for the chance to see the park quieted by snow.






7 Comments on “Cold shoulder, colder skies

    • It was kind of surreal to see a place that is usually busy so abandoned. It’s easy to imagine you are in another world–hopefully one without White Walkers!



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