Next stop… ?


My new passport finally came in the mail!  I keep flipping through it and the crisp, empty pages feel like a dare.  “Where to now, eh?  Blank pages make for a dull girl.”

So, I’ve booked a ticket and an apartment.  Back to Paris at the end of March with my lovely, Mum.  It’s her birthday today, and though I’m sad I’m not with her tonight or at her boat party this weekend, I’m so excited for the two of us to wander around the City of Light.  An adventure for us ladies.  Where are you heading next?

8 Comments on “Next stop… ?

  1. How funny! I’m waiting for my new passport to come in the mail too. I was so sad though! All my beautiful stamps and visas…:(:(
    Have fun in Paris~~


    • I was really sad when I sent out the application, too. It sort of felt like starting over after I had done so much work to fill up the first one!


  2. I agree Jertilley… but there is something very nostalgic to be able to look back over all of your stamps and see the places and think about all of the incredible memories you made. Happy travels!


  3. Sad thing is that those empty pages will be filled by passport stamps all too quickly. I can never understand why in the 21st century will all the high technology, why so many countries still want to stamp passports. A driving-license style card with a chip embedded in is all that is needed now, instead of using stamps and ink.

    Enjoy your travels !


    • The cards are much more practical, I agree, though I’ve always found it to be a little fun to have a passport full of colorful stamps and visas.


      • stamps are ok if the cost of a new passport is cheap, but in far too many countries now, the cost of an extra/replacement passport is far too high. So I am much happier without a stamp !


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