Our holiday cards, featuring the DC Panda Cub


Christmas cards are pretty much my favorite part of the holidays.  I love getting them in the mail, especially photo cards, and especially especially, the slightly irreverent ones some of our friends make.  We like to have a bit of fun with our holiday cards.

Two years ago we had fun “baking” with a little Maker’s Mark.



Last year, we got caught under the mistletoe.



This year we decided to express our excitement about our newest neighbor, the panda cub born at the National Zoo this summer.  I love Cardstore for Christmas cards.  They have so many great options and are super affordable.  Isn’t their packaging adorable?



While I hate that so many of our friends and family live so far away, when I’m filling out mailing addresses on the cards it’s fun to think about all the different places they’ll be going.  This year our mailing list includes Ann Arbor, Austin, Berkeley, Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Durham, Hoboken, Houston, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merrimack, Milford, Monmouth, New Orleans, New York City, Norwalk, Philadelphia, Portland, Richmond, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, and a dozen small towns in Texas and Massachusetts where we have family.  Do you send out holiday cards?


4 Comments on “Our holiday cards, featuring the DC Panda Cub

  1. I just stumbled on your blog. I love your eye for photographs and I cannot even handle how much I love that you sent a holiday card to the Obama family. Brilliant!



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