Wanderings: A romantic day in New York City


This past Friday, the Mister and I decided to spend a lazy day together in New York City.  Typically when we visit, we race around Manhattan and Brooklyn, trying to catch up with friends and maybe visit an art exhibit or two.  This time, apart from a cocktail party later in the evening, we had no real plans and decided to wander around the city and just do whatever we felt like doing in the moment.


During the day, we wandered around midtown, did a little shopping, and bought fried pickles and steamed buns at Bryant Park.  We watched ice skaters, admired art deco tree guards, and ducked into a little cafe to share coffee and a bagel when we needed to warm up a bit.  As the sun went down, we popped into a whiskey bar across from Central Park and flirted with each other until it was time to catch a train down to the West Village, where we had made last minute dinner reservations.


After dinner, we decided to walk to the party in the East Village, and it was lovely to wander among the little neighborhoods, pop into tiny wine stores, and just enjoy the city and each other on a quiet day.








One Comment on “Wanderings: A romantic day in New York City

  1. Valerie,
    I love New York already and I love it even more through your eyes!
    What a great way to end it, but with none other than Jim Beam! Cool beans~



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