Thanksgiving 2011

We live in the District of Columbia, and it’s always a surprise to meet people who actually grew up in the area.  We and most of our friends came here from all over the U.S.–and from countries all over the world–to work in politics, government, education, advocacy, and a hundred other kinds of public service.  It’s a wonderfully easy place to make friends, and the people we’ve met are so fascinating and warm.  They have so many different beliefs, passions, educations, experiences and travels; even when I don’t agree with them politically, they are amazing people to know.


Thanksgiving 2010

Coming from so many different parts of the country, few people stay in town over the holidays, and the few who do typically put out a call on Facebook or email to round up anyone else still in town for a Thanksgiving meal.  Some friends will even throw “Friendsgiving” a week early just to have a chance to eat with everyone before they head home for the holidays.  In years past we’ve rounded up friends in town (and from as far away as Philadelphia) and put together some fantastic meals.  Living here, with so many of us far from family, people like to emphasize “the family you make,” and as we get ready to head north and visit new family members, I’ve been thinking a lot about the friends I consider family and wishing I could be with them, too.




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