Ten years of adventure


I’m working on renewing my passport at the moment, and the process has had me thinking a lot about the old one.  It’s such a small thing, a passport, mostly paper and plastic, but it lead to so many important moments in my life over the last ten years.

When I was a college student, I worked with two fantastic older men at a public library and we talked a lot about travel.  At the time I had terrible wanderlust and not much money or know-how to pull it off.  One day, they both brought in the passports they had used as young men to travel the world.  While it was fun to see the old photos of them in the 60s and 70s with long hair and longer beards, it was all the passport stamps and visas that I found most fascinating to page through.

Flipping through a well-worn passport is like seeing little snapshots of a decade.  Among the pages in mine are stamps from Great Britain, South Africa, Spain, Argentina, Peru, Italy, France, Turkey, Mexico, Canada, the Dominican Republic.  So many adventures, so much food, so many friends, stories, and loves.  The only connecting threads between them all are me and my passport, so I’m a little sad to start over with a new one.  Hopefully the new blank pages will be filled with just as many adventures over the coming ten years.

Great Britain, South Africa, France, Argentina

Argentina, Canada, Amsterdam, France, US re-entry

Peru, France, US re-entry

5 Comments on “Ten years of adventure

  1. I could cry thinking about the upcoming renewal of my passport… It holds so many memories and SO many stamps. My parents are moving back to America; gone are the days of international travel to go home for Christmas. Travel always just came a part of the fibers that make up my being. Now I’ll actually have to be intentional about going new places!


    • I waited until I had a trip planned so I could get a starter stamp in the new one posthaste. Being intentional can be a good thing! I hope good travels come your way soon.


  2. This is very cool. My mother kept her old ones and I liked to ask about the different stamps/stickers. I hope I can start to fill mine up soon :)


  3. I felt the same way last time and I renewed my passport. Its a dear old friend. When I got my passport renewed in 99 at the tender age of 19 I made a promise to get a country stamp every year in my passport. When I renewed it in 08 I had managed to keep that promise. This new one is filled with memories of all the places I’ve taken my children. Its a wonderful thing…


    • Thinking back on all the places and people, I couldn’t help but wonder about where and who I will travel with over the next years. It’s great to read about someone who doesn’t stop traveling with kids, but just takes them along for the ride. I hope I would do that, too!



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