Can’t wait for COS

The internet has abuzz for the last few weeks with excitement that COS is opening a store in New York and online shopping will finally be available for the US.

I first wandered into their Marais store when we were in Paris last year, and it was like walking into the store I’d always wanted to find.  Every piece was interesting and unique, yet still somehow simple and sophisticated.  It’s so hard to find clothes like this in the US and I hope they don’t change their offerings much to try to cater to the market here.  I’ve been browsing the COS website and can’t wait to be able to shop there regularly.

We went for a bike ride this weekend, and I wore this simple COS v-neck dress.  I love the stiff knit of the material and the elbow length sleeves.  At work I always get lots of comments on how simple and chic the dress is.  The COS grey scarf is very lightweight, yet long and wide, perfect for these mild fall days.

2 Comments on “Can’t wait for COS

    • They are monk straps, from ASOS a few years back. They are my most beloved shoes, and I’m actually working on a post for next week about them. They’re getting old and I’ve sent them to the shoe doctor at least four times.



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