It’s all in the details


Generally there are two things that draw my eye in terms of style. The general shape and fit of clothing on people, and the subtle details that you may only notice up close.  Lately, I love seeing the tiny pin dots of this Madewell button up peeking out from the cuffs and collar of a sweater.  Maybe only an inch or two of the shirt is showing at any given time, yet somehow the outfits feels a little more crisp and interesting.

[ Shirt – Madewell; Sweater – J. Crew]


4 Comments on “It’s all in the details

  1. The subtle details are the best. I’ve been experimenting with deep-colored/fall-themed socks (deep reds, purples, oranges) and I giggle to myself when I look down at my feet. No one but the wearer knows the satisfaction of a minor detail that others might gloss over.

    Love that persimmon lip on the mustard. (Don’t you just love colors named after food?)


    • The Mister bikes to work and rolls up his pant leg to keep chain grease off his trousers (I bike, too, but have a chain guard.) He likes to wear colorful, patterned socks in contrast to his conservative work suits, and gets lots of positive comments from passers-by :)


    • Mine, too. The only thing I don’t buy on sale are the jackets since those seem to get snatched up long before they ever get to 40% off sales. Which means I get to save up for about one per year.



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