Packing for California

Blues, whites and greys

Blues, whites and greys

Packing up for a two week trip to California.  I like to travel light and have tried to adhere to a great packing tip I read about on Cup of Jo a while back: stick to a simple color scheme.  This let’s you mix and match tops, bottoms, layers, jewelry and shoes, so that you can have lots of outfits without lugging around too much stuff.  I’ve packed one brightly colored dress, since I have a wedding to attend at the end of the trip.

I’ll be working from California for next two weeks, mostly in Monterey, but spending a little time in Santa Cruz and Los Angeles.  Any tips on great places to eat or things to do?

Mix and match shoes, a swimsuit, and one dress for a wedding

Mix and match shoes, a swimsuit, and one vibrant dress for a wedding

8 Comments on “Packing for California

  1. Well since you will probably pass by Ventura, You better go there and take the 33 to Ojai and go to the best pizza place ever!!! Ojai Pizza! this is a cute little city! I think you will love it there! Full of nature and awesome people! :) Ventura is pretty cool too! Check out Anacapa Brewery and Grant Park!


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  3. Where will you be in LA? It’s been ridiculously warm down here FYI (I see your cable sweater and I’m like !!!) Love the colors though.

    Things I’ve eaten recently in LA:
    Little Tokyo: Marugame Monzo for handmade udon noodles.
    Artists’ District: Angel City Brewing’s Avocado Ale (I swear it doesn’t taste like guacamole!!) is light and refreshing.
    Bunker Hill: carnitas and lengua tacos, beef kabobs, and other cuisines at the Grand Central Market (And across the street on Broadway is the iconic Bradbury Building, a must-see if you love architecture!)

    Glendale: delicious pastries (savory and sweet) at Porto’s Bakery. Must-haves: potato balls, cheese rolls, and the Cubano sandwich

    Things to do:
    – See LA skyline from the top of City Hall. M-F 9-5 only, no admission fee needed.
    – Saturday walking tours of downtown LA and more run by the LA Conservancy
    – Modern art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and food and shopping at the Farmers Market and the Grove

    That’s all I can think of at the moment. Hope it sparks some ideas!


    • Those all sound great, thank you! I’ll mostly be in Monterey during the week and its supposed to be chilly in the evenings. The last three days I’ll be in the LA area for a wedding in Newport Beach. I’ll def have all day Sunday to explore and I’m super excited.


      • Sorry to get picky but Newport Beach isn’t LA area at all. It’s in Orange County, which is where I’m from. :P LA is characterized by small streets and congestion, and helter-skelter architecture (from before building codes were the norm); OC is wide and sprawling (for the most part) and we have been blamed for being too “boring” and full of strip malls and planned development, but we sure like our order and grid-like streets.

        Should you find yourself in Orange County: Newport Beach has Mama D’s for Italian, nearby Costa Mesa has great Japanese sushi, Tustin or Irvine for Indian food, tacos in Orange or Santa Ana, Vietnamese/Korean food in Westminster/Garden Grove respectively. Not as much architectural wonders as LA proper but we do have beaches and piers, theme parks, and small “downtown” areas in Fullerton, Santa Ana, and Orange to suit your urban-exploration desires (though they’re really tame and minuscule compared to others.)

        That was really long! I’ll stop now :D


      • We have to be in Newport Beach for the wedding on Saturday, but I was hoping to actually be in LA Friday and Sunday when I have down time, since I’m more interested in LA than the OC. HOWEVER, if we do end up spending more time in OC, the second set of recc’s is much appreciated!



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